Our Story

Ground Breaking Mushrooms first began as Hurworth Mushrooms in Hurworth House - an historic cottage on the outskirts of New Plymouth, New Zealand. It was the result of a journey through Central America and into the hills above Oaxaca, Mexico, where the founder Matt Williams found himself as an intern at Micológica, a small research facilty that produced wild cultivated mushrooms in converted farm buildings.

Working with basic materials and alongside other interns, Matt learnt the techniques and absorbed the ideologies of sustainable mushroom farming with a focus on permaculture and passion for the wonderful ways in which fungi fit into our ecosystems. Inspired by the beauty of mushrooms and their mysterious nature, he decided to start his own project.

Over the past year Bishops Action Foundation (BAF) has come on board as a catalyst and provider of vital infrastructure, and the focus of the project has turned to growing mushrooms solely on spent coffee grounds. The company has received several grants and funding with the help of BAF to expand the projects operations as a social enterprise. Our aim now is to divert as much coffee as possible from landfil, reduce waste and increase food security at a local level by growing food on this undervalued resource.